Uni Posca Fine Point ( PC-3M ) 24 Colours

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Uni Poster Color Paint Marker Pen Medium Point PC-3M Color Set. 17 Standard Color : Black, Red, Blue, Green, Light green, Purple, Yamabuki, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Light blue, Brown, Gray, White, Pale orange, Silver and Gold. 7 Natural Colors : Pastel orange, Pastel yellow, Coral pink, Light pink, Sky blue, Pastel purple, Pastel green. It uses an opaque water-based pigment ink and produces vivid colors like a poster color (a kind of paint). It has water resistance after drying, does not overwrite, does not bleed or set off, and does not damage the material because it is water-based. The markers come individually plastic wrapped from factory. However, in some instances, due to availability, There is a chance that they will be shipped in a original package, in this case, they will not be plastic wrapped. PLEASE NOTICE that this is the same set of colors that comes in the PC-3M 15C and PC-3M 7C plus the Silver and Gold that are sold individually. However, sometimes the markers will be shipped in individually plastic wrapped from factory to prevent drying without the original package, and other times the PC-3M 15C and PC-3M 7C plus individually wrapped Gold and Silver will be shipped instead. In this case, only Gold and Silver will be individually wrapped. The other markers will not be plastic wrapped because the box provides protection against drying. This is due to product availability,

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